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The Redken brand dictates quality hair care in the market, straight from New York, in the world of hair care, hair colouring and styling!

Kérastase is the world's leading luxury hair care brand,  with exceptional efficiency to bring innovative hair treatments to your home.

Olaplex rebuilds damaged, broken hair bonds at a molecular level, caused by mechanical, chemical and thermal stress. The Olaplex hair weave repair system restores damaged hair, whatever the hair type.

Belico is a professional, skin-integrating cosmetic, combining the purity of organic cosmetics with the latest advances in the cosmetic industry.


I'm Zsuzsanna Galgóczy, Master Hairdresser and Redken Business Artist, and you can buy our products in person at both of our salons.

Our experts are available in person or by phone as well.

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Moroccanoil Treatment Original - Olaj minden hajtípusra
18 300 Ft 17 385 Ft
On External Stock
Szeretem, hogy olyan technológiát fejlesztettek ki melynek segítségével a tápanyagok maximálisan eljutnak a hajszálak belsejébe, figyelembe véve a haj pH értékét is. Kedvencem a pH Bonder, sérült, kémiailag kezelt hajra tökéletes választás, erősíti, fényesíti és puhává varázsolja a hajat.
Horváth Vivien
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